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ESL Regions

If you are taking part in the many World of Tanks activities offered by the ESL you will be interested in the upcoming changes related to the organisation of the national sections. From 1 March, several countries will be merged into regions, effectively reducing the number of sections from 15 to 8 for all the weekly tournaments. This will allow for a more consistent and reliable system, that will benefit all the players and stir up the competition!


The eight regions will be the following:
  • Western Europe - France, Belgium and Luxembourg.
  • Ibérica - Spain, Portugal.
  • Northern Europe - United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland.
  • South East Europe - Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey.
  • Adria - Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia.
  • CZSK - Czech republik, Slovakia
  • Poland
  • Germany

Along with this change come significantly increased prize pools, and some adjustments to the rules.


For more information, make sure to check the main announcement on the ESL website!



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