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The ESL Open/Major League now on World of Tanks!

Looking for a team objective in between two seasons of the League? Why not give the new ESL Leagues a shot? Season 2 of the WGLEU will come to an end very soon, as the Gold Series Online Playoffs will start on 13 February, and the Finals will take place shortly after, on 20 February. The next Season will only start after the Grand Finals. That leaves ample time for everyone to take a look at the new challenge waiting around the corner! Brought to you by ESL, the Open / Major League will give you no time to rest, and promises to deliver an intense competition to those ready to commit to it.

A League for everyone

You can join for fun, or you can come to see how well your team fares against the top European competition. Four of the best Gold Series teams have been invited and three have already confirmed their participation to the Major League: Penta, Oops and Ding. That’s how high the bar has been placed. Sounds interesting, right?

Let's jump directly into the format and details. There are two distinct competitions that you can enter:

The ESL Open League

The Open League will feature all the teams who are brave enough to sign up. The registration is open until 1 March at 18:00 CET, and the matches will start on 8 March. There will be prizes for all the players.


The ESL Major League

The Major League will consist of 12 high level EU teams, 4 of them directly invited from the Gold Series (see above), and 8 teams that will qualify through the Go4WoT tournament, based on the February rankings.


At the end of the first Season, the best teams of the Open League will have the opportunity to battle for a slot in the Major League of the next one. But whether your team competes in the Open League or the Major League, there will be plenty of gold to grab. Not to mention, some of the prizes in the Major League have not been announced yet...

For more information about the first season, including the registration pages and exact dates, refer to the ESL page of the Open/Major League!



Stay tuned for more eSports action!