The WGL Fantasy League

Ever wanted to own your own professional World of Tanks team? Real players, who play for you every week in real, live matches that you can watch? Now you can. With the Fantasy League, you are in charge. You pick players from the official League, and earn points based on their real-life performance throughout the WGL Season. 

The goal is to earn as many points as possible with your players by the end of the season. Points are given out for certain statistical performances of your players. You can watch them play every day, cheer for them, and of course, if they perform poorly, you can kick them out of your roster!


The Gold Series Season 2 is currently running every week, from Thursday to Sunday. You can learn more about the teams, the standings, and the match schedule on the official website of the League.    


Sign up and start picking your roster!


How to register

It couldn't be simpler. You simply need to sign in for free with your Wargaming account and voila! Select the region you want to play in, join the official League, and start making your picks. 

Additional rewards

In a Fantasy League, you normally play for fame. But this time, we are adding an extra incentive to spice things up! Our favourite casters, Jordy “Dakillzor” VersmesseMihajlo “Mojo” Jugovič and Ryan "Ectar" Murphy have their own Fantasy rosters. They believe their selection of players will take them to the top of the rankings. We are inviting you all to prove them wrong.

Every participant who tops the casters at the end of the League Season 2 will receive the following on their World of Tanks account: 

200 + 3 days of Premium Account per outranked caster at the end of the Season. 

Additionally, we will reward the top 25 performers in the League regardless of the results of the casters: 

  • 1st: 5,000 + 7 Premium Account days
  • 2nd: 2,500 + 5 Premium Account days
  • 3th-4th: 1,250 + 3 Premium Account days
  • 5th-8th: 750 
  • 9th-25th: 500 

The key objective remains to beat the casters. You can accumulate your gains! Therefore, if you finish first, you will receive the prize for being first, plus three times 200 and three times 3 days of Premium Account for the three casters you defeated.   



To keep up to date with all the latest results, news, and updates of the WGLEU, simply hit the follow button on Twitch, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. The League also has its own websiteGet ready for more brilliant moves and nail-biting finishes!