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Evil Panda Squad Interview

Evil Panda Squad is the second Polish team participating in the offline finals of the European League’s second season. This team has gone through a lot to get their spot and they’ve achieved success in the league as well as in other tournaments. Even if eSports isn’t part of your morning news-checking routine, you are probably aware that they finished second in the second season of the WGL EU. Will they do as well this time around? It’s up to them to make this happen, we’re just going to sit back and enjoy the show!

The team’s path through the qualifiers wasn’t an easy one. Evil Panda Squad were facing the possibility of not making it through to the finals, but due to other team’s issues related to game rigging and disqualifications, they managed to secure their spot!

Evil Panda Squad has a total of eleven players in the roster. The team co-captains, Mateusz Ceglarz and Wojciech Sondej, are doing a great job of keeping the team together. Under their command the team doesn’t just walk, it sprints to victory! The nine other members of the team are as follows:


  • Maciej Zabłotni
  • Marcin Witecki
  • Łukasz Urban
  • Michał Steinka
  • Maksymilian Paradowski
  • Maksymilian Rak
  • Piotr Generowicz
  • Adrian Fizia
  • Paweł Uciński



Below you can find the interview with the team co-captains:

Could you tell us something about your team? When and why were you established? Where did you find the players to join your team?

Most of our team members started playing in the closed beta, but we started playing as a team while we were part of the 1st Polish Armoured Divison. Four of our players (Xinef, Sony43, NewMultiShow and Ejs) have been playing together almost from the beginning – June 2011. We were playing in the first tournaments organised by Eclipse, Po1nter, MikiMan and Skyspirit joined us before the 1st season of WPL and the rest of our teammates (Lukasiaty and UcinPL) have been playing with us since the 3rd season of WPL.

How and why did you pick the name for your team?

The idea for the name came from one of the creators of the team – Pandemic, whose name was the inspiration behind the name of the team. The name fits perfectly into our style of playing – we are loud and it’s really hard not to notice us.

Could you name any milestones or big achievements your team is most proud of?

There have been a lot of big and small successes for Evil Panda Squad. For us, it all started by taking 3rd position in the first offline event, Go4WoT All Stars, organised by This prompted our team into further action. But currently we are really proud of winning the Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice at the beginning of 2013 and taking 2nd place in the 2nd season of WPL at Gamescom. When it comes to the other achievements, it is possible to mention being on the podium of Go4Wot Cups about 50 times. This shows that we are a team with a very long history.

Please tell us a few words about your players. Why do they play World of Tanks?

We are a team in which the age difference is significant – the youngest of us is 16 years old, the oldest is twice that age. But it doesn’t matter when we start playing – we must create a team and play our best games. Most of us are playing World of Tanks because we’re interested in competition through eSports, which is provided by They created the game that allows us to develop our passion and have a good time.

How much do you train or play a week? What modes do you play?

We try to train as much as we can, but of course sometimes finding a time to do it is quite a hard task, therefore our training process is not regular. But when it comes to preparing for the LAN events we do our best to get to our top form, mostly by playing the 7-on-7 format.

What are your favourite tactics, tanks and maps?

Our strongest maps are those that have been in the Go4WoT cups since the beginning and thus we have played the most matches on them. Our tactics and lineup depends on which map we play – on ‘open maps’ we use more light and medium tanks and on ‘city maps’ we usually use heavy tanks. Before the game everyone knows what tanks will be used – we have specialists on heavy tanks, light tanks and scouts. 

What do you do in your free time when you’re not playing World of Tanks?

Everyone on our team does things in their everyday life - work, school, just the regular stuff that other people do. When you combine all that with passion for games, very little time remains for other things. But a reward in the form of opportunities to participate in tournaments makes us happy in spite of the time spent for preparations.

How do you see your chances? Do you think you can win the finals?

In my opinion anything is possible in the finals. At the offline events, the much more important things are a strong mentality, team spirit and your preparation. There is no time to make mistakes – you must be focused from the first matches. And I think we can win if we play at our best level from the beginning and everything works as we planned. At the finals of the second season we were really close to winning – now it’s a great chance to take revenge on the Russian teams.

 Is there anything you’d like to add?

We would like to greet all of our fans and encourage them to cheer us on at the offline event. Keep your fingers crossed – the Evil Pandas are coming!


That’s all about the pandas. More interviews will be coming soon!