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November Knockout Bonus Stage

Gold? Fame? Recognition? Or maybe a good challenge? If you seek any of those, now you have an additional reason to fight hard in the November Knockout!

We’re impressed by the amount of dedication you’ve shown to the Easy 8 tournament. That is why we’ve prepared a surprise for you! Everyone who joined this edition of the Pro Series will have a chance to participate in a bonus stage of the tournament!

We’ve contacted the current EU WGL qualifier participants and some of them have agreed to participate! In the bonus stage you’ll be fighting for hard gold against the very best teams out there! 

Once the Easy 8 Pro Series is over, we will contact your team leaders to see if you want to take part in the bonus stage. Participation will be completely voluntary but can you say no to these amazing prizes?

Place Prize
1st 8,000 per team member
2nd 6,000 per team member
3rd 4,500 per team member
4th 3,500 per team member
5th - 16th 2,500 per team member

The bonus stage will be played under round-robin rules – every participant will play one round against each of the other participating teams. The first round of the bonus stage will take place on November 28th. There will be two rounds played each match day. There will be two match days per week, played every Monday and Thursday, starting at 19:00 CET (UTC+1).

There is only one way to get into the bonus stage of the tournament – be one of the top teams* at the end of this iteration of the Easy 8 Pro Series!


Good luck!


*Please keep in mind that if your team emerges as one of the best and has a member of any of the European League teams in its roster, that person’s standing EU WGL team will not be able to participate in the bonus stage.