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Easy 8 Cup Finals

The latest edition of the Easy 8 Cup started two weeks ago, and today, Wednesday 10th October, the finals are taking place. Although this tournament is based on current league rules, the main innovations included no limitations on tank type (other than tier VIII and 42 tier points total) and a new rule intended to reduce the number of teams being disqualified by a draw game.

This scenario gave players the freedom to use any team set-up, to be creative and to think out of the box. However, the best is still to come and it is happening this evening, at 19:00 CEST (17:00 GMT).

The Semi-Finals will be played by the following teams:

          Quo Vadis         vs Iron Skool
  Red Tide vs =BIA-2= Steel Panthers

The organization of the battles is similar to other tournaments and identical for both the semi-finals and the grand final:

1st round Best of 3 Airfield
2nd round Best of 5 Steppes

These 4 teams will be fighting for the Easy 8 quarter of the coveted EU All Star medal, and also the following gold pool prize:

1st place team 8,000 per player
2nd place team 6,000 per player
3rd place team (2) 4,000 per player

Don’t miss the show! Bump, eSports Manager for Wargaming Europe, will be casting the event and orchestrating the finals on our Livestream Channel belowThe stream goes live at 18:45 h CEST (4.45pm GMT). 

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