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eSport Movie Clip Hunt –The Show Must Go On

Everyone enjoys watching action-packed videos like the RNG series. Now it’s your chance to take part in the creation of the next League themed video!

The eSport Movie Clip Hunt was introduced at the beginning of July. We were amazed at the number of eSport fans who watched the streams and replays closely to send us their feedback. The first video recapping the first season of the World of Tanks Pro League and the Grand Final on DreamHack is already in production and will be released soon, but now the show must go on with a new contest!

For those who took part last time, the rules have changed slightly – the goal is now to hunt for amazing and funny scenes from the second season of the World of Tanks Pro League.

Just as last time, the reward for participating in this event is the honour having your nickname listed in the official credits of the video once it is released. This could be your first step to World (of Tanks) fame!

May the hunt begin! This edition of the hunt for breath-taking moments will last until 23:00 CEST (GMT+2) on the 4th August.

If you’ve already found the perfect (or at least jaw-dropping) moment you were looking for, you should post about in the forum thread linked to this article. A comment reporting an important game moment must include a link to the stream recording / replay, the time and a short description of the incident (a one-liner is enough). 


Happy hunting!