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Drooling Leprechauns Standoff

The first edition of the League Standoff is happening this weekend! The first team up for battling is Drooling Leprechauns (DRL), who have been playing in the Gold Series since Season 4. We got in touch with a representative of DRL to give you a short introduction to the team:

Drooling Leprechauns is a Finnish Gold Series team formerly known under a different, slightly inappropriate name. To our great regret it had to be changed when we qualified for the Gold Series for Season 4.

DRL was founded 6 October 2013 by mesag. DRL is currently led by Willkey with the assistance of mesag and Larg0. The team's original members still on board are jackou3k, Juyhou, mesagssensei, KihrEx and snakeguyfin, and Tohelo joined before the qualifiers, from which we qualified to the Gold Series. Agentti, Larg0 and Willkey joined the team after Season 4 from the team Freefall. Most of our players come from Europe's best clan RSOP, who have won 3 out of 5 campaigns.

Most importantly, we believe in the power of uliuli. Hallowed are the uli!”

DRL will join the Team Battles queue on the EU1 server on Saturday 10 January at 19:00 CET and will continue playing for a minimum of two hours! By joining the match queue at that time your team has a chance of winning up to 10,500! Check out the full prize details.


Go out and look out for DRL, the first worthy opponent!