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Gold Series Highlight – Ding

Today we meet team Ding, right in the middle of their second season in the Gold Series. In Season 1, they showed good things for their first appearance at the highest level and they are now expected to confirm their potential in Season 2. So far, things seem to be looking up for them and everything indicates that they are here to stay! This is a rather good news, as Ding is one of the most active teams on the community level: always exchanging with their fans and streaming some of their battles. More often than not, they also give their followers the opportunity to claim some nice rewards, such as gold and premium time! Now, before you go rushing to their Facebook page, why not take a moment to make their acquaintance, starting with their action oriented team presentation trailer below? 

Meet the team in this video trailer of their own creation!


Team interviews: 

Three of their players agreed to take some time out from their busy schedule to tell us more about themselves and their history playing World of Tanks. Like many players in the league, their eSports career started with small tournaments, where their skill was soon noticed by the other players: 



"Hi, my name is Vadim Finogeev. I am a player of the WGL team DiNG with the nickname DiNG_Diplomat. I joined the team in January 2015 with two other players. In that same season, we took 1st place in the Silver Series and now we are playing our second Gold Series tournament. I have 3730 WN8 and a 69% WinRate. I have 5k battles only and every one thinks I reset my account! I am part of the best clan in the world, FAME, and I enjoy it.

I started playing eSports in 2013. I was playing 3v3, and then 7/42 in the regular tournament "WePlay". Then I was invited in a Silver Series team... and we played bad. Then I joined another Silver Series team, L_o_W . And... we played bad also. But I was playing better than my teammates and because of that, my team capitain invited me in DiNG. My real dream is to attend the offline-Finals of the WGL. In real life, I am a student of the Russian Customs Academy in Saint-Petersburg. Because of studying I only have limited play time. Outside of World of Tanks, well, I like guns, I have my own real shotgun and I go to the shooting gallery every two weeks.

I hope you enjoy our play in the WGL! Thanks for watching! See you on the battlefield!"


"I started to play World of Tanks 3 years ago. I was just an average player, playing on my laptop with 8 fps on artys...
Ahh it was the dark side of me. But everything changed when I bought myself a new PC. I was learning really fast and
becoming an increasingly skillful player. Then I started to want more, something bigger than just "purple" stats in random battles. I discovered the ESL Go4WoT tournaments, so I was searching for a team and that is how I met Schockisch. After half a
year we left our old team and made the new one: DiNG. Outside of the game, I'm big fan of martial arts and sports, so in my free time I'm doing Workout and Karate."


"Hi, I'm Mrakar, member of the WGL team DiNG. My real name is Mitar Milakovic, I'm a senior student at the University of Geodetic Engineering.
I'm a member of team DiNG since its foundation. We fought our way through the Bronze and Silver Series in our first season and secured our place in the Gold League. The next step in my eSports career is to try to secure a first offline appearance with my team. As for my private life, my goal is to graduate from the University within the next 2 months.
Between playing in the WGL and the University obligations, I dont have a lot of free time for other hobbies, so basically I use any free time I have to go out with friends. Thanks everyone for watching WGL and especially to the people who support team DiNG!"


The rest of the roster: 

Schockisch (team captain), rulez1k, Meritorious, International, Stoik, AngelofAwe.

Current standings of the team:

In the first half of the season, Ding defeated Rusty Roster, Out of range, Tornado Rox and Stronk Siema. They were beaten twice, by Knäckebröd and Oops. 

With this record, they are occupying a very satisfying second place at the moment. Regardless of their results, they are always a pleasant team to watch and cheer for. If they can keep up their good form in the second half of the season, will they surprise everyone and finish in the top 3? 


Watch their next Match live on the WGL EU channel !

versus Synergy: 21 January at 22:00 CET


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