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December Fun Cups


To offer you a change from the highly competitive World Cyber Games, we have prepared a set of fun tournaments for you to take part in during the holiday weeks again.

Since the main focus of December’s competition is fun, the rules might surprise veteran and new players alike. We are planning to play each of the tournaments over the course of one week, during every evening (from 20:00 CET) that we can, all whilst streaming as much of it as possible. The number of rounds will depend on how many teams sign up, but we won’t play more than 2 rounds per day. So even if you cannot participate, be sure to sit back and enjoy the mayhem!

Here are the three events that will keep your engine hot all the way to New Year:

(11.12-15.12) Copy Carnage Cup (7vs7)this December special is a competition celebrating the much loved (and hated) light tanks. In this tournament, the entire team has to drive the same tank, so this will be all about coordination and driving skills!  This competition is over, but you can still take part in the others!

(18.12-22.12) Tech Tree Tango (10vs10)a unique twist on historical battles, this tournament will provide you with the rare opportunity of seeing a full line-up from just one nation. Tank battles as they were meant to be.

(25.12-29-12) Exciting Encounters (14vs14)perhaps the most spectacular form of competitive play, Encounter Battles force teams to play actively and aggressively. It’s like a race, only you are allowed to ram and blow up your opponents!

Registration for each event closes one day before the start of the tournament, so make sure to sign up and finalise your team before then.

As you can see, the season finale will be a fun and explosive one, so get your team together and celebrate the end of the year with Steel!