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DeNova Interview

The European League Season 3 finals are just around the corner and we’re happy to present to you our interviews with the finalist teams! In the first iteration of the interview series, we bring you an interview with DeNova!

The team was very successful in this season of the WGL EU, achieving fourth position overall in the qualification. They have proved that they are hard to beat, with good tactical sense. They managed to put up a great fight against everyone, dropping the ball only twice; against Team Dignitas and Evil Panda Squad. In all other matches, they either won or took a serious bite out of the enemy teams!

The roster of the team consists of ten people, with Artur Ulianytskyi from the Czech Republic holding the power as the Team Captain. The other players in the team are:

  • Karim Turdikulov (also taking on the organiser role)
  • Vladislav Esikeev
  • Igor Bereschyk
  • Anton Avramenko
  • Bogdan Ishchuk
  • Nikolaos Lemos
  • Gleb Afletonov
  • Vladimir Sobolev
  • Yury Bukharov


Below you can find an interview with the team captain, Artur:

Could you tell us something about your team? When and why were you established? Where did you find the players to join your team?

We started DeNova after the first season of the European League and today’s DeNova line-up was formed after the second season of the WGL EU. Before that we were known as Red Tide and Meet Your Makers. The team’s evolution has brought us new experienced players – now there are only three former Red Tide members left. Most of us have Ukrainian citizenship.


How and why did you pick that name for your team?

DeNova could be translated as “discovering something new” or “a new way”. This is the name of the organisation that we’re part of.


Could you name any milestones or big achievements that your team is most proud of?

The team’s current line-up hasn’t taken part in any big tournaments yet, but each player individually can boast quite a long list of top places in various tournaments.


Please tell us a few words about your players. Why do they play World of Tanks?

We believe competitive World of Tanks is an exciting and promising game, with the potential to become a serious eSports discipline. As sportsmen we do our best to master this game, we find joy and satisfaction in our victories and breathtaking battles.


How much do you train or play a week? What modes do you play?

Our usual week contains only one day off. We play training matches against other teams, take part in tournaments and occasionally play Team Mode.


What are your favorite tactics, tanks and maps?

I’d say now we have a balanced play style based on taking key positions, gathering information and gradually increasing any advantage. Tank preferences are an individual thing, and talking about maps – we like balanced ones, which is still a problem in World of Tanks, unfortunately.


What do you do in your free time when you’re not playing World of Tanks?

Some of us study or have a job; some players are even married so they spend some time with their families. From time to time we play some other online games together. The rest of the time we dedicate to our hobbies or just have a good rest after matches and training.


How do you see your chances? Do you think you can win the finals?

We prefer not to speculate or give predictions – we just train. A predictable life becomes boring, don’t you think? ;) 


Is there anything you’d like to add?

We’d like to thank our organisation – DeNova – for all their support and for believing in us. Also we wish to thank Wargaming and its eSports department for all the efforts that have been made this year to develop and popularise competitive play in World of Tanks. And of course we thank our fans and everyone who’s following our matches – your comments warm our souls.

We hope to see more big tournaments, more professional teams and a much bigger World of Tanks audience following next year.


That’s all about DeNova! Look out for more interviews coming soon!