Introducing the Cream of the Crop Tournament


Today, we have exciting news for you, as we're introducing the biggest tournament about the smallest tanks ever. Meet the Cream of the Crop, a Tier I only competition. No armour, crazy battlles, weird guns, what could go wrong with this one?

The Teams

There will be no qualifier for this epic clash, but some of the best World of Tanks teams out there have been specially selected to bounce around with Tier I tanks, and crash after the tiniest jump. Here are the tankers brave enough to go on this incredible journey:

Balkan Fools
Team Captains: 
BarbaUrke, Blaold, Brutal_lucko, Kursor,
LaBosanac, Laponac Mistercroo, Veco_Kazna

Team Captain: 

Salty Old Men
Team Captain: 

Burger Brigade
Team Captain: 

Janusze Tracze
Team Captain: 

Dakillzor's Special Forces
Team Captain: 

Ginger Power
Team Captain: 

Fat and Thinner
Team Captains: 
KamilEater & Papapawian

These guys and their teams will fight for victory starting from the group stage on 30 March, before the playoffs on Sunday, 31 March, so make sure to tune it for that - more info on the stream below!

The Rewards

This time, the tanks will be small. But that doesn't mean the rewards have to be small too. You can check what the aforementioned commanders will fight for in this section.

Well, technically, the items below are not for them, as they will redistribute at least half of their gold and all of their goodies to their viewers! Make sure to check their respective streams to grab some sweet tanking gear.

  • 1st Place
  • 2nd Place
  • 3rd - 4th Place
  • 5th - 6th Place
  • 7th - 8th Place
1st Place
  • 300,000 
  • 3x Konix Headset GH 40
  • 3x Cobi Tiger I
  • 5x Good Loot T-Shirt (M)
  • 5x Good Loot T-Shirt (L)
2nd Place
  • 200,000 
  • 2x Konix Headset GH 40
  • 3x Konix Mouse M35
  • 3x Konix Mousepad MP103
  • 5x Good Loot Cap
3rd - 4th Place
  • 125,000 
  • 1x Cobi Tiger I
  • 1x Konix Mouse M35
  • 1x Konix Mousepad MP103
5th - 6th Place
  • 100,000 
7th - 8th Place
  • 75,000 

The Streams

Obviously, an event as massive as this one could not go unnoticed. That's why we invited some of the best World of Tanks streamers out there to follow the Cream of the Crop. Hopefully, they will manage to play their captain role AND comment on the games without any confusion! Join them on 30 and 31 March at 16:00 CEST (UTC+2).

BarbaUrke, Blaold, Brutal_lucko, Kursor,
LaBosanac, Laponac Mistercroo, Veco_Kazna







KamilEater and Papapawian

If you're into small tanks, big rewards, fun gameplay, or all of those things, make sure to check the channels above. Most languages are covered, and crazy moves are guaranteed. After all, Tier I tanks are made for that!

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Roll out!