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Continental Rumble Is Near


The battle of the ages is drawing near, with the EU facing off against the CIS in the Continental Rumble, on 17 October at the Poznań Game Arena. The two best World of Tanks eSports teams from those regions will meet head-to-head for a slice of the $100,000 prize pool and you can catch all the destruction on our Twitch channel.

Stepping up to the tectonic plate for EU will be WGL Season 1 European champions Wombats on Tanks, and regional qualifiers Tornado RoX. The first team representing the CIS will be League (WGL) Season 1 CIS champions Natus Vincere (Na’Vi). Not So Serious will be the second team battling.

First place will take $45,000; second place, $30,000; third place, $15,000; and fourth place will net themselves $10,000.

Also attending the event as special guests will be Kazna Kru, who will be competing against an all-star team made up of those battling in the Rumble in the first ever Tier X eSports match! 

The doors of the Poznań Game Arena event open at 10 AM, meaning there is a lot more gaming fun to keep fans busy before the Rumble kicks off at 12:00. Visitors can look forward to battles from elite World of Tanks eSports teams, showcasing the tactics and skills that take their gaming to the next level.

If you want to find out more, please head to the Continental Rumble Hall of Fame.


Are You Attending The Event? Check Out our Exclusive Giveaway!

We have a special incentive for those attending the event. Everyone will have the opportunity to pre-register for the Continental Rumble and, if this person then checks-in at our booth in person, they will receive a Type 64 Premium Tank as a reward.

Please note: This registration is not a ticket to Poznan Game Arena. To attend the event, you must purchase a ticket.

The registration is open from now until 17 October, 17:00 CEST!




The procedure is very simple. All you need to do is sign up using your in-game nickname, email associated with said nickname, your real name and your server. After that you will be asked to answer a few simple questions and ta-da! You’re done!



It’s not a deal with the devil. No soul of your firstborn child required. All you need to do is register and later perform a successful check-in*. For that you will receive the Premium Tank. Yes, that’s right.

The tank given away is the Type 64.



The reward will be credited directly to your account within three weeks of the Continental Rumble.


That’s it! If you’ve got any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us on the forums, our eSports team will come back to you as soon as they can.

*Disclaimer: To perform a successful check-in you need to physically attend the event, successfully scan your code and present your ID to confirm that you are the ticket holder. This measure was taken to ensure that only the true eSports fans who attend the event are rewarded with the free gifts!

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Our MGT-20 gaming truck will also be rolling out to Poznań, ready for the public to stock up on tank action and entertainment. If you’re interested in watching the action live in Poznań, tickets are available online for €5 (20 PLN).

See you on the battlefield!