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Tornado Rox are the Continental Rumble Champions

This Saturday, at the Poznań Game Arena, four teams clashed for international glory. Two teams from CIS and two teams from EU were pitted against each other in a fierce battle of wits and determination.

After a day packed full of adrenaline-fueled tank warfare, we are honoured to announce our distinguished winners:


1st place

Congratulations to our Continental Rumble champions for coming out on top in this showdown! Not only do the team earn fame and glory, but also an impressive $45,000.

The rest of the teams did not, however, leave empty-handed. Here are the standings:

Wombats on Tanks

2nd Place



3rd Place



4th Place


Congratulations to all the teams for making it to the Rumble and, of course, a big thank you to all the fans who came to the event and watched the carnage unfold on our Twitch channel.


See you again soon for more international eSports!