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Coming Up: Gold Series Day Seven

Our focus for 8 December is on the match starting at 20:00 CET between TCM and Virtus.PRO. We have a few words from the teams on how they’re preparing for the match: 



VPRO is one of the most consistent teams over all past four seasons, so we definitely see them as favorite in this match. TCM has several new members, and we are still training so we can sync better in games as a team, but the new format provides new opportunities. All teams so far showed cracks in their armour that can be exploited, if one is skilled or brave enough. We are eager to play this match because this is a test for us how well are we doing, what is our strength. We have nothing to lose in this match, we will win either points or reference for future games.



KycoK_Ov4arku - Virtus.PRO

For us it is an ordinary match. We do not know how well they are now prepared in the new format. We'll play as always at maximum and stop at nothing. 




Later in the show we’ll see:

18:30 CET:

Deep Tranquility vs. Drooling Leprechauns


21:30 CET:

WUSA vs. Schoolbus



All three matches will be streamed on our dedicated Twitch channel.

If you missed Monday’s games you can find them as YouTube VoD’s below:

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