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Coming Up: Gold Series Day Nineteen

Our focus for 2 February is on the match starting at 20:00 CET between Momentum and Evil Panda Squad. We sought a few words from the teams as they prepare for the match: 


Roob27 - Momentum

It has been tough time for the Momentum team lately and we are entering into the final week. Currently, we are in the corner, league rankings wise, and we have to step up our game in order to not get relegated so soon. EPS still have chances to reach the top 6 so we expect them to be really determined against us. All that should make this match interesting for viewers.


Evil Panda Squad

The EPS team are obviously hard at work preparing for the match, as they could not be reached for comment!



In the show we’ll also see:

18:30 CET:


Deep Tranquility 




21:30 CET:

vs. Utopia


All three matches will be streamed on our dedicated Twitch channel:

If you missed Thursday’s games you can find them as YouTube VoD’s below and on our WGL EU Youtube channel:

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