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Coming Up: Gold Series Day Eighteen

On 29 January at 20:00 CET we’ll be witnessing an epic clash between
Drooling Leprechauns and TCM. We have a few words from the teams as they’re preparing for the match:

Willkey - Drooling Leprechauns

There is no room for slack talk. Victory is all that matters at this point, no matter whom we play against.


Both TCM and DRL had some shaky games that slipped from victory points to defeat. We will focus to strengthen our weak points and win the next 3 matches in order to reach the top 6 positions, so the match versus DRL is a decisive one for us. They are a team that knows to play offensive with fast rotations as well as we do. It will be a good match for the audience. For us, at stake is joining the top 6, for them, maybe survival in the gold league itself, something that several guys from Freefall that are part of DRL now do not want again.

In the show we’ll also see:

18:30 CET:






21:30 CET:

vs. GGWP


All three matches will be streamed on our dedicated Twitch channel:

If you missed Monday’s games you can find them as YouTube VoD’s below and on our WGL EU Youtube channel:



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