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Coming Up: Gold Series Day Fourteen

Our focus for 15 Januaryis on the match starting at 21:30 CET between WUSA and Utopia. We have a few words from the teams as they’re preparing for the match: 


Utopia is our main training partner for the current season, so we know each other’s tactics, strengths and weaknesses pretty well, but this also opens up space for mind games and blind counters. We are both still in the run to get a playoff slot, so those points are strongly needed by both teams. Tune in on Thursday’s match and cheer for WUSA.



mukaa_ -

The match with WUSA will be the hardest battle all season. We trained together for almost the entire season, and it will be hard to be surprised. I expect an aligned fight between us. Good luck, WUSA.




In the show we’ll also see:

18:30 CET:


Drooling Leprechauns




20:00 CET:

TCM vs. Momentum


All three matches will be streamed on our dedicated Twitch channel:

If you missed Thursday’s games you can find them as YouTube VoD’s below: 

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