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Coming Up: Gold Series Day Ten

The Gold Series has been on a break since 16 December when the last games before the holiday season took place. The pro players have had a good deal of time to rethink their strategies and practice. Now they are ready for the first matches of 2015, starting 5 January!

We reached out to Schoolbus and Drooling Leprechauns to find out their expectations for Monday’s match at 20:00 CET.


Willkey – Drooling Leprechauns

After the Christmas holidays it's nice to start the league again. Before the holiday break we were not on top of our game and it's crucial that we get our game back on track now. We took time to find our problems and tried to solve them and now it's time to see where we are against one of the top dogs of the league. Overall it's good to be back on the battlefield.


Arclit - Schoolbus

SB will be well prepared for our battle with DRL. We have lots of respect for DRL - they are an experienced team, lots of good players, still they have something missing lots of the time. But when they find their vibe - you better be ready. And we will be. I hope.


During this broadcast you’ll also be able to enjoy two other matches:


18:30 CET:



21:30 CET:



If you missed the last matches of 2014, you can find them on the WGL EU YouTube  and below:


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