Clan Rivals: Rise of the Machines - Meet the Winners

FAME rose to the occasion and destroyed the competition!


Two days of fierce battles have come to an end with one outstanding clan emerging on top! 28 battles fought, more than 500 vehicles left in scraps, and over 1.4 million points of damage dealt. These are only some of the numbers that marked the final weekend of Clan Rivals: Rise of the Machines.

The most outstanding of all, however, is 18-0. The final tally of wins with which FAME dominated the tournament. Never giving in, even when facing a strong opponent like CSA, who outplayed the previous winner R4YD. FAME demonstrated tactical superiority and perseverance, ultimately wiping the floor with all their opponents.

Everyone put on a very strong performance, having to rely only on standard vehicles from the tech tree. A total of 27 different tanks from all available nations and classes were put forward, but FAME couldn’t be stopped. Congratulations!


This is what Insane_BTW, the Team Captain of FAME has to say about their performance:

"We were really happy to demonstrate the level that FAME plays at when properly prepped and ready. Congratulations to CSA for the 2nd place, it was well earned and they are for sure one of the top EU teams at the moment. We were really disappointed by the performance of the previous winners, who did not reach the finals. Getting slapped around by CSA in the semi-finals meant they never even got the chance to clap us as they said they would. Playing INVIL so early was actually a bit disappointing for us as well. We expected to meet them in at least the semi-finals. They would have deserved to get much further in the tournament than they did. Thanks to all our fans for cheering for us and we hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did!"

Most valuable player - combat5508_eSuba [CSA]

Combat performed admirably in his Conqueror Gun Carriage, where he managed to land multiple hits just at the right time in several crucial moments of the tournament, enabling his team CSA to go into the finals. He also showcased exemplary gameplay on city maps and demonstrated a thorough understanding of the game in intense situations in his Bat.-Chat. and his 50B. He is among the players with the most number of battles fought during the entire tournament and managed to keep a consistent performance and very high average damage of over 3,000 per match. All of these factors combined made the choice for MVP an easy one.

This concludes Clan Rivals: Rise of the Machines. FAME has once more proven that they are always a force to be reckoned with. For now, they can now enjoy the spotlight as the best European clan, but Clan Rivals will be back, and the competition is already eager to push them off the throne.

Thank you all for watching, and heartfelt congratulations to all the teams for their sportsmanlike attitude during the event.


Roll out!