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Challenger Rumble in New York City

Get ready to witness a new series of epic battles between the two best teams from Europe, America, and Asia! Nothing but the best teams from Season I will gather in New York City for the Challenger Rumble on 19 November. There, they will battle it out for a share of the $200,000 total Rumble prize pool.

Of the six challengers, two will secure a spot in the Champions Rumble in December, where they will face off against a team from the CIS and the Grand Finals champion: Na'Vi. The winner of the Champions Rumble will receive an immediate qualification for the next Grand Finals. 

If you happen to be in New York, the place to be is the Altman Building, 135 West 18th Street. Entry is absolutely free, but please bear in mind that the number of seats is limited. Of course, the entire event will be streamed, so tune in if you're a night owl (or a very early bird!). 

Event Structure and schedule:

  • 6 teams (top 2 EU, top 2 NA, top 2 ASIA)
  • Best of 9
  • Group stage with two groups of 3
  • Top 2 qualify for the next stage 


IMPORTANT:  when watching the livestream on, don't forget to check the quest tab! Performing the quests and answering the polls will grant you access to exclusive raffles for gold, premium time, and even premium tanks! The prizes are usually delivered within two weeks.


Local Time
(New York, EST)
Central European Time (CET)Main StageBlitz Stage
09:00 15:00 Rumble Group Stage  
12:50 18:50 Blitz Group Stage
16:00 22:00 Rumble Semi-Finals 1
17:00 23:00 Blitz Semi-Finals 1
17:40 23:40 Rumble Semi-Finals 2
17:50 23:50 Blitz Semi-Finals 2
18:40 00:40 Blitz 3rd Place Match
19:30 01:30 Blitz Twister Cup Finals  
20:30 2:30 Challenger Rumble Finals  



  Regional Champions  2nd representative
North America    


Blitz Twister Cup Finals

As you can see in the above schedule, the Challenger Rumble in New York will also host the finals of the first mobile World of Tanks tournament ever. The Blitz team [LGN] LEGION will represent Europe and face off against the champions from North America, Asia, and the CIS.  What better conclusion for the twister cup than a big battle during a major WGL event in the heart of Manhattan? 




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