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Anniversary Tournament Winners

The 2nd anniversary of the World of Tanks European server brought you three great tournaments. The time has come to summarise the events and maybe next time you will be one of the winners!

The winners of each of the three tournaments won a part of the 1,760,000 gold pool, which means a total of 5,280,000 in gold was earned! Yes, that’s right, more than five million in gold!

Apart from that, each of the winners won medals: a bronze one for the Featherweight winners, silver for the Cruiserweight winners, and gold for the Heavyweight winners!

Here is the list of the luckiest and most skilled World of Tanks players in each of the tournaments!

Featherweight tournament 

1SBP Black Zawisza

butcherr, Cappo, Ceraves, Chleb0, czarnynetvo, Dezzec, easy_c, forbidden1, FurioZZ, Hedzik, Maczek24, Mrowkaz, naughtyb, Nitrouz, opakako, Shunex, SlimTheGreatest, szefo, tHcSq_flex



Cruiserweight tournament


Players: 0de, Ageha, altti, ARGHtti, D0vahkiin, JERSEYZ, Karpo_Pappa, Keqqonen, Larg0ck, lsu, MokkiLumi, monotomic, Muppetti, somppa, TardWurst, thierry82, urallfish, VilleVakivalta, Wattila, Xanaali



Heavyweight tournament


Armageddon008, ARTistichny, BestrafeMich, Deniel_Blond, FC_DYNAMO, International64, Kolento, LuciqueII, Murderer_of_innocence, mynx_, Nuregre, PaR0v0zz_DJAN, RedSosamba, Rino_rus, RubTheRob, TacticalBest, TheApl, YuRocK



Congratulations to the winners! We hope to see even more teams participating in next year’s edition of the tournament!

For now, watch for other World of Tanks tournaments such as the Super 6, Fun Cup and others, and get ready to start practicing to win the big gold! You can also take a look at the brand new eSport guide we set up on the portal and learn how to take part in the tournaments!


Once again, congratulations and good luck in the future!