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Tournament: Air Superiority Week!

If competitive, team-based gaming is what gets your motor running, then listen up right now! We’re proud to announce a new Wargaming-organised World of Warplanes tournament called Air Superiority Week!

This tournament will be a week-long endeavour, taking place from the 12th until the 16th of August, and will pit teams of six players against each other in a fight for global domination. The action will be supervised by our own Community Staff, who will assign the teams and determine the order of each battle, to lead their army to victory.

Watch the events unfold as we cover every move with a livestream, showcasing both the matches themselves and the behind-the-scenes strategic planning by our Community Staff Generals.

While you will be playing World of Warplanes, you will be able to win prizes for your World of Tanks accounts! From daily jackpots containing thousands of World of Warplanes Tokens and World of Tanks Gold, to exclusive rewards giving World of Tanks Premium Account Extensions as well as Premium aircraft – nobody will walk away empty-handed.

Find out the all the rules & regulations on our official World of Warplanes forum, or click the button below to register for the tournament right now!

Remember, if you have a World of Tanks account, then you are already registered for World of Warplanes! All you need to do is download the client, then log in and play!


Sign up for tournament now!


Gather your friends, form your flights and unite as an army! The Air Supremacy Week awaits!