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Absolute Superiority: Results

The clash of clans for Absolute Superiority is over. After many fierce battles, in which wit and tactical thinking were as important as sheer firepower, the proud winners emerged to claim glory and valuable rewards! 

Meet the winners of the Absolute Superiority tournament:

 Place Team Reward
 1st Holownicy 50 000 (up to 1 000 000)
2nd -CSA- 30 000 (up to 600 000)
3th - 4th Go To GarageThe Peasants 17 500 (up to 350 000)
Quarter finals losers

The Tough Kackerbröd
No tactics just YOLO


10 000 (up to 200 000)

Important: the gold is given per player. The total amount of gold in brackets is for teams of 20.


Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for participating!