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Absolute Supremacy Finals: Livestream


The absolute supremacy tournament is nearly over. The teams who emerged triumphant until this point are at the ready for the finals on 2 November at 19:00 CET. Of course, we are giving everyone the opportunity to watch everything live! So if you have ever wondered what 14 versus 14 can look like at a very high level, now is your chance! 

The stakes are high as the winners will share $3,000 (USD) and an additional $1,000 if they defeat the CIS champions in the subsequent showmatch on 6 November at 18:00 CET. This showmatch for the honour of Europe will also be broadcast. 




The livestream will be run by TWBGaming, with Zm0r and still_mojo at the microphone. You may already be familiar with Zm0r as a regular go4wot and Major league streamer, and with Mojo as one of the main WGLEU casters! Find out more about all of them below:



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Good luck to everyone!