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The ABC of World of Tanks 7on7 eSports competition

7on7 is the format for professional eSports competition. It is the battle structure found in the ongoing ESL Major Series – Winter Season, in Wargaming’s Easy 8 Cup or in the upcoming worldwide event, the World Cyber Games Festival.

Rules in these competitions are very simple: The line-up must not exceed 42 tierpoints and the maximum tier allowed is VIII. However, these limitations still leave a lot of room for different strategies and tactics. So without further ado, let’s get into valuable tips and tricks!


Map tactics

The most deciding factor in the tank-picking phase is the map. In terms of layout we can divide the maps in three types:


They are artillery playgrounds. A light and fast line-up is imperative. In such maps it is all about scouting and spotting, and the main goal is to survive the artillery shots. Scout drivers should really know the map and find out what they can do with the new physics. No doubt, in open maps, artillery and intel makes the difference.




These maps are mainly city maps, which entails a heavy line-up. Given the 42 tierpoints limitation, a common choice is 2 tier I tanks plus 5 tier VIII heavy ones. Choosing artillery is often (or always) a waste of tierpoints. Sometimes it all comes down to deciding which street to push through and having enough armor and firepower to do so. 


Wide Park


These maps allow different combinations between heavies, lights and artillery.  It is in these maps, when the tank-picking phase gets more important. It is all about not giving away too much information to the enemy about the line-up and strategy.
You have to choose whether to use artillery or not. It is often hard to use them effectively on these maps, so it may be better to invest in low tier arty. 




Tank line-ups

There are no infallible line-ups. Actually, tactics only last until you spot the enemy, then you must just adapt. And of course, if you are pushed you have to answer with whatever you have at your disposal.

There are common-sense options like mixing tanks that can deal damage but also take it in the same line-up, or refrain from choosing vehicles without a turret or that are just too slow, such as the great majority of tank destroyers. But instead of focusing on what you should avoid using, here are the top 6 of most used tanks in 7on7 battles.


T1 Cunningham: The eyes of the team

Tier 1 American Light tank

It is necessary to understand the importance of this tier in 7on7 battles. It’s a common and good practice lo leave a T1 light tank hidden behind the bushes near by the base for it to detect enemies capping and alert the allies, or even provide enemy location to artillery to start de-capping.
When there is more than one light tank, and the team commits to a side of the map to make a nice push it is always recommendable to place the light tank on the other side to collect intel about enemy location.


T-50-2: Born to scout

Tier V Soviet Light tank

It has the best acceleration and manoeuvrability of any vehicle in the game due to its low weight. Well equipped, it can reach a maximum speed of 72 km/h, and climb hills faster than any other tank. However, this “lightness” is a liability when the enemy approaches rapidly with the intention of ramming you. So staying on the move is the key to survival.
Its speed and agility are perfect for executing Carousel and Thin Trolling tactics. But do not underestimate the damage potential of this vehicle - a T-50-2 can easily finish off French tanks once they have emptied their clipper and have to run for cover, to wait for reload.


AMX 13 90: Hit and run

Tier VIII French Light tank

This tank is one of the greatest support vehicles. Ideally an AMX 13 90 will be behind other heavies, those that can take damage, and will just focus on shooting, falling back and hiding, or even attacking from the rear and sides.  Start doing some flanking, rushing up and firing off the magazine.
Its great velocity will come very handy once the clipper is empty, since the reload times are just exasperating. And given the lack of armour and hit points the best option is run for cover, and make a comeback once reloaded, swooping in and finishing off the lower HP tanks still left standing.
With its ability to adapt and move fast, this tank is recommended for keeping an eye out for friendly tanks in trouble.


AMX 50 100: Harassment

Tier VIII French Heavy tank

Like the previous one, and indeed all French tanks, the AMX 50 100 has a great fire power, is fast to reposition, but its armour is just too weak for close combat.
This makes it a great support for other Heavies. Actually this vehicle is a hybrid between medium and heavy: it can’t take any damage but on the other hand, it is able to do 1800 HP damage per minute. But of course, after firing off the 6 rounds quickly, you will have to wait 45 seconds to reload. So make an appearance, empty your clip and reposition. Harass the enemy. Abuse their fear of French Heavies.
The AMX 13 90 and the AMX 50 100 have similar armour, reload time and damage output values. The main differences are in HP and speed. The 50 100 has more HP, i.e. can take one more shell, whereas the 13 90 is faster.


 T32: Heavy by definition

Tier VIII American Heavy tank

Awesome fire power, hard to penetrate and good turret armour. It is the best choice on average when it comes to a heavy line-up. On top of that, it does not have an ammo rack to be exploded and when using hull down tactics it becomes nearly indestructible. 


Lorraine 155 51: Death from above

Tier VII French artillery

Its great aiming time, amazing accuracy and high rate of fire (2.55 rounds per minute) will provide some serious damage to tanks that think they can just sit around.  With this vehicle, show a lesson to those who think that camping is a tactic. Moreover it is a fast tank to relocate if things don’t quite work as intended. This tank is really the most lethal weapon in dynamic battles, no doubt.


Captains, good luck and have fun!