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World of Tanks is now on Razer Arena

Take your competitive play to the next level!

Last week saw the arrival of World of Tanks on the Razer Arena gaming platform. Wargaming is happy to partner up with Razer to allow all of you to create your own World of Tanks tournaments. Among other great features, the Razer Arena brings you easy match creation, automatic reporting of the results and scheduled match notifications.

For the duration of the beta phase, all the tournaments are hosted by Wargaming and GamingGrids (Razer’s partner on Razer Arena), with prizes ranging from 1,500for first place, all the way down to 50for the teams finishing on the bottom. At the time of the full launch, however, it will be up to you and your friends to stir up the competition. All the necessary creation tools will be enabled and the successful tournament organisers will be eligible for prize support from both Wargaming and Razer!




World of Tanks is already a success on Razer Arena… but it will be even better once you join in!