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WGL EU Qualifiers Finished

Due to reports of rule violations during the end of the Season 3 Finals, action was taken against certain teams in the European League.

Firstly, 1SBP Ulanska Fantazja from Poland was disqualified from the European League. The reason for the disqualification is that this team surpassed the maximum amount of allowed penalty points. Disqualification means that the results of all matches played against this team will be eliminated from the official ranking.

Secondly, we received reports that the DeNova vs. SPALE match was rigged by the participants. An investigation revealed certain unacceptable, unsportsmanlike behaviour in the match. After a heated discussion between administrators, the Eastern European team DeNova was found guilty and will be punished according to the tournament rules. The Finnish team, SPALE, was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Due to the above action, which required a recalculation of points, SPALE lost their place in the WGL EU Season 3 offline finals. Their spot has been taken by the fan-favorite from Serbia, Kazna Kru.

Stay on the lookout for more information on the Season 3 Finals!


The qualifiers of the third season of the League have come to an end and the six lucky teams who will travel with us to the offline finals can finally be officially named!

Team Dignitas





Evil Panda Squad

We can also reveal a few details about the upcoming offline finals. The event will take place in mid-January and will be hosted once again in Poland! The exact details regarding the venue, dates and how to get tickets for the event will be posted in the near future. You can be sure of one thing, that even the freezing cold weather and mountains of snow will not stop us from providing you the best show yet!


A few more words about the qualifiers:

We’ve had our ups and downs, but we are proud to say that we’ve reached a new high in viewer numbers and experienced almost no technical difficulties through the entire show. The improved observer camera used by our casters provided you with more information than ever and our casters immersed you deeply in the combat with their witty commentary!

We would like to congratulate the teams on a truly great achievement! Five of these teams were at the offline finals of the second season, which took place at gamescom 2013. Last time Virtus. Pro won and Evil Panda Squad achieved 2nd place!

Just like last season’s qualifiers, Team Dignitas and Virtus.PRO were leading the charge the entire time, but it didn’t go as smoothly for them as it did in previous seasons. There were times when our European teams were scoring almost evenly with them. The comparability of the skill level of all the teams at the very top of the food chain made each show a truly great experience to watch and analyse later.

Will the pandas get their revenge and win? Or will the white bears from Russia defend their title furiously enough to again drive away with the grand prize of 50,000 Euros? The winners of the first season, Team Dignitas, could come back and win the title they held before! We also can’t forget DeNova, who were scoring great in previous seasons and achieved 4th place in the qualifier on points.

All the qualified teams gave a great show of skill and we’ve observed a significant drop in camping tactics during the matches. The games became far more dynamic and even though we still experienced some draws, it’s worth mentioning that all the teams travelling to the finals scored a combined total of ten draws through the entire season!


Once again, congratulations to the teams and look out for more WGL EU news coming up in the following weeks!