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European Wargaming League: Mid-Season Point

The third season of the European League is already half way through, and we’re happy to say that is an amazing season full of surprises. The match days for the league take place every Monday and Thursday, starting from 19:00 CEST (UTC +2).

You can watch the games of the third season live, with English commentary by our ESL Dream Team!


Kazna Kru and Evil Panda Squad, who finished second and third respectively in the second season, have put in an average performance so far. However, don’t forget that their performance in the qualifiers of the previous season wasn’t particularly amazing, but they still managed to score great at gamescom!

The season started with twelve teams, but the first thing that may catch your eye is that currently there are only eleven teams playing. Due to the disbanding of 7even Sins, they were disqualified, their team score reset, and all the games they took part in were cancelled. It’s always sad to see new teams go, especially when they’ve gotten so far, but we hope to see them back one day!

Long-time veterans, Odem Mortis, have dropped their sponsor and are once again playing under their old logo. As always, they can put up an incredible show and have not disappointed this season!

Aside from that, there are currently no major surprises at the top of the scoreboard. The old champions are still on top, and the only team which has not managed to fulfil expectations is mousesports, which is still lingering at the lower end of the table.



The offline finals of the third season are getting closer, and we’d like to tell you more. The first season finals were held at Dreamhack, while the second season had an epic finish at gamescom. Many of you have been asking us about it, wanting to know how Wargaming are going to beat those! Alas, we can’t tell you anything just yet, but you’ll get to know very soon! In fact, we’ll let you know as soon as we know!


Keep watching the games and look out for more WGL EU news coming soon!