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WGL EU Finals – Save The Date

We’re proud to inform you that we’ve finished all the groundwork for the European League Season Three Finals and we would like to share our plans with you!

Counting down the days…

Starting this week, and until the event starts, we will be publishing interviews with the teams who have qualified for the offline finals. You can expect the De Nova and Lemming Train interviews this week and the remaining ones next week. We hope you will enjoy the insight into the teams’ accomplishments and lifestyle.

Finals Day One

After we’ve covered all the bases, it will already be time to put the game into “action” mode! The offline finals games will kick off on January 24th. The first day’s live stream will start at 12:10 CET (UTC+1) . If you didn’t already know, the event will be held in a music club, which for our purposes we have converted into a studio. During the stream you’ll be able to win bonus codes to top up your accounts with gold, premium time and vehicles! You can find the schedule of the first day below: 

Game Start Team 1 Team 2 Game [G]
12:10 LTR EPS 1
14:00 DeNova Kazna Kru 2
16:00 G1 Winner G2 Winner 3
18:00 G1 Loser G2 Loser 4
20:00 G3 Loser G4 Winner 5


Finals Day Two

After the first day has finished, there will only be two teams left in the ring from the first four. These remaining teams will face the teams who scored best in the qualifiers, which took place over the past few months. The names of those two teams have already been announced. There was a minor stir-up at the end of the qualifiers, but the situation is very clear now! Team Dignitas and Virtus.PRO will be facing the two winners of the first day of the finals.

The schedule for the second day is available below. As you can see, there are a lot of placeholders as we don’t know who will win just yet! You’re welcome to make your predictions during the event in the chat, on our eSports twitter or through other media.

Time Team 1 Team 2 Game
12:10 Team Dignitas G5 Winner Semifinal 1
14:00 Virtus.PRO G3 Winner Semifinal 2
16:00 Semifinal 1 Loser Semifinal 2 Loser 3rd place Match
18:00 Semifinal 1 Winner Semifinal 2 Winner 1st place Match
19:50 Winners' Ceremony


Don’t miss the action!

The live stream will be active for all the games of the European League finals. The games will be commentated on by your favourite crew, who has accompanied us for all the games of the 3rd season online qualifiers. Get ready to see Lauren ‘Pansy’ Scott and Oliver ‘Laughter’ Maxfield in action, streaming from one of the coldest corners of Poland!


Want to join us at the venue live?

Update: The event is happening at the Browar Obywatelski (Polish for “Citizen Brewery”), located at Browarowa 7, Tychy. 


If you’ve got the time, it would be really great if you came to join us live in Tychy, Poland, for the duration of the event. As this is a studio event, the number of seats is limited. You can get a ticket by signing up in the forum thread managed by the community team!

If you come to the venue, you will have the opportunity to meet many people of interest, including:
  • The World of Tanks Product Specialist, Michael “Obirian” Broek.
  • The Polish Community Manager, Anna “Cmd_Latina” Makosa.
  • The Czech Community Manager, Marek “Tuccy” Tucan.

That’s not all! Several of our community contributors will also come to watch the event live and you’ll have more than one occasion to steal a few minutes of their time.

Czech community contributors streaming trio “BBB”:
Polish community contributors:


Save the dates, January 24th and 25th, and watch the most epic tank clashes live!