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European League Season 3 Finals

Day 2 - 23:50

Virtus.PRO, after around two hours of long hard combat, in the end managed to destroy Team Dignitas, with the final result of 4:3. Well done to Team Dignitas for taking the honourable position of second place, and of course a big congratulations to Virtus.PRO, the champions of the Third Season of the European League! 

Thanks for following our coverage. Remember that you can check out the pictures from the finals in the gallery below and see all of the results on our dedicated page.


Good night, see you next time!

Day 2 - 19:35

It could have been the energy coming from the audience or the adrenaline boost coming from defending their honour on home soil. It was definitely skill! They did it! A decisive 3:0 victory, leaving no doubt that Lemming Train is one of the best teams in Europe!

Coming up next, the only best of seven match… The final match of the Third Season of the European League – Virtus.PRO vs. Team Dignitas!

Day 2 - 19:00

The match between Lemming Train and DeNova is still running. Some technical issues forced the fight to stop for a moment. For now, the score is 2:0 to the Lemmings and DeNova are doing their best to turn the tide.

The Polish team is very motivated playing on their home ground. The crowd seems to be with them!

How will the third place match finish today? See for yourself!

Day 2 - 16:40

The Lemming Train vs. Team Dignitas match just finished, ending at 3:1 in favour of Team Dignitas. The pressure was high as the winner of this match secured a minimum prize of 21,000 Euros.

The game became very passive when the match reached the Abbey map. It was easy to see the indecisive approach to any assault, as neither team seized their opportunities. Team Dignitas finally pushed, crushing Lemming Train and leaving just one vehicle standing on the enemy team while suffering almost no casualties themselves. Lemming Train's remaining lone T1 Cunningham ran away and drowned its sorrows in the water. Victory to Team Dignitas!

The first place play-off will feature Virtus.PRO and Team Dignitas but before that you can watch the third place play-off match between DeNova and Lemming Train for a prize of 15,000 Euros.

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Day 2 - 14:45

That was fast! We just witnessed the swiftest win yet from Virtus.PRO, with the team rushing in through the middle of Mines and ripping DeNova apart.

Congratulations to Virtus.PRO for the most exciting game so far! The 3:2 victory over DeNova puts Virtus.PRO into the playoff for first place.

In a moment we’ll start the 2nd match of the day, Team Dignitas against Lemming Train!

Day 2 - 14:30

The first match of the day was full of surprises and didn't proceed how most of our viewers predicted. One of the best, if not the best, teams in the European League, Virtus.PRO, faced DeNova, a team that 70% of twitter voters thought wouldn't be a threat to the bears.

DeNova lost the first two games on Himmelsdorf and Ruinberg. Virtus.PRO must have felt comfortable then, but DeNova pushed back and plowed them down on Ensk and Prokhorovka to level at two games a piece.

The decisive match was to be played on Mines, with Virtus.PRO starting in the south, which is arguably considered to be the “harder” starting point after the latest map modifications. Would it be possible to win three straight matches against Virtus.PRO? DeNova definitely seemed to think it was possible!

Day 2 - 12:00 

Despite the original schedule planned for today, Virtus.PRO and DeNova have agreed to play the first match. The preparations started early this morning, with everyone pitching in to make sure that today would be perfect from the very beginning. We hope that you enjoy yourselves making your predictions and taking part in the contests prepared for you!

Sit back and let the drama unfold!

Day 1 - 21:30

The last game of the day was the one we expected the most from, and was arguably the most important one for everyone except DeNova, who had already secured their spot in Day 2. This match did not disappoint!

Kazna Kru, the most aggressive team from today's play in the WGL EU, was pushing hard. However, Lemming Train did not simply sit back and try to defend their positions. The games were full of well-timed skirmishes. One of the most spectacular games of this season took place during this match!

In the end, the Polish team defending their home ground  prevailed with the support of the tired crowd, who yelled at every successful shot. Lemming Train goes through to Day 2 to face Team Dignitas in the morning!


Day 1 - 20:00

The great tactics of Lemming Train couldn't save them, and DeNova won the third match of the day, 3:0. DeNova will be facing Virtus.PRO on Saturday!

For the fourth match, Evil Panda Squad had to face Kazna Kru on their home ground. With the long hours and stress kicking in, Evil Panda Squad's lack of aggressiveness was clear from the very beginning. The swift 3:0 victory for Kazna Kru brought cheers from the crowd.

Day 1 - 17:00

The unlikely does happen in the European League Finals! After two exciting and tough games, DeNova managed to find a way to beat Kazna Kru. The amazing Himmelsdorf battle had the audience on the edge of their seats as the DeNova tanks made a decisive push and narrowly won the last game.

It wasn’t the first time that a small T1 Cunningham has shown its importance in a game between equals. Congratulations to DeNova for not neglecting even the smallest of tanks!

Day 1 - 16:30

Kazna Kru took the initial lead in the match. Despite some technical difficulties, DeNova made it clear that they wouldn't give away this match without a fight, evening the score to 1:1.

The teams now have lag-free games and aren't wasting any time waiting around in the bushes. In the third game, after a quick exchange of fire Kazna Kru showed their advantage and made the final push that led to DeNova's demise!

At the moment, the score is 2:1 to Kazna Kru! At least one more game remains to finish the match. Will Kazna Kru manage to surge to victory or will DeNova stem the tide?

Day 1 - 14:00

With several games resulting in draws, the match wasn't easy but Lemming Train won the first match of the WGL EU Season 3 Finals! The 3:0 victory over Evil Panda Squad was achieved by choosing the right moment to leave their camping positions, having noticed the enemy team's weakness.

We are getting ready for the second match between DeNova and Kazna Kru, the teams are setting up at the stations and discussing the last details of their tactics for the match.

Will the match be equally one-sided? We hope that these rather aggressive, sometimes even downright crazy teams will give us a show you will not forget! Get ready for Kazna Kru vs DeNova!

Update from the live stage – Day 1, 24 January

The day started comfortably early for our players today, waking up at the luxury Piramida hotel where they enjoyed a breakfast supplemented with more coffee than any doctor would advise. The four teams playing their matches today arrived at the venue, pumped full of positive energy and outstandingly high morale.

The venue represents the Wargaming style. Cold hard steel, big machines all around and the reddish aura in every corner of the building. Just a few moments after opening the building the audience filled the building to its limits!

As our hosts opened the Third Season of the European League Finals, the studio audience cheered. The first match, between the Polish titans Lemming Train and Evil Panda Squad, is about to start.

The finals kick off swiftly and without delay. Keep your fingers crossed and don’t forget about our contests and giveaways!


It’s not easy to miss the European League Season 3 Finals. We’ve put up new graphics and published lots of news, but just in case you didn’t know, it’s starting today! The importance of this event doesn’t need to be described, as this is the last season before the Grand Finals are held. The teams who win now will complete the list of Europe’s representatives destined for the global arena.

Today the entire Wargaming Europe eSports team and several members of the Community team are present in Tychy, Poland, to make sure that this event is the best one yet. The teams are getting ready to kick ass and call names, and polishing up their master plans, while the ESL team is tidying up the booth in final preparation for today’s events.

The brewery seems to be the perfect place for the event and we’re just missing our regular crowds of viewers, who sadly would not fit in the building we have converted into our grand studio for the next two days. This time we’re prepared to give you the best online show of World of Tanks ever, so don’t forget to tune in and enjoy it!

The schedule for the event can be found together with the regularly updated results page on our portal.


If you want to know more about the teams, they agreed to answer a few questions for us:

There will be a lot of prizes waiting for you if you join us on the stream chat, facebook and twitter! You can also expect more information about the Grand Finals to appear soon on our portals and possibly some hints during the event before we finish with this season!

Watch this news for updates during the event!


Tune in and enjoy the show!