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WGL EU Season 3 Live Stream Giveaway

The European League Season 3 Finals is a show you can’t miss. Not only because it’s the last, decisive season before the Grand Finals, but also because of the amazing giveaways we have planned for you.

We're giving away tons of bonus codes and premium tanks. Watch the live stream and read the rules thoroughly to participate!


We have one hundred and forty premium tanks waiting for you. To be more precise, there are ten of each of the following vehicles:

Vehicle Normal Price
8,8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger
10,000 Gold
12,500 Gold
11,800 Gold
7,500 Gold
12,000 Gold
T26E4 Super Pershing
7,200 Gold
FCM 50 t
11,900 Gold
Type 59*
7,500 Gold
Type 64
3,500 Gold
12,500 Gold
11,000 Gold
E 25
6,700 Gold
AT 15A
6,500 Gold
6,750 Gold
Total: 1,273,500 Gold**

*Vehicle is no longer available for purchase either through the premium shop, or in game. It may be possible to acquire the vehicle during special events.

**Price calculated taking into account vehicle price in a situation when all vehicles were available in the in-game store, without taking into account the price of the garage slot.


We’ve also managed to gather almost a thousand bonus codes! Believe us, that wasn’t an easy task, as bonus codes tend to be the most desired product out there. There are several contests you can participate in and all are listed below.


Type 59 Tank Raffle

In order to enter the Type 59 Tank Raffle you need to follow just two simple steps. Please keep in mind that you can participate in the Type 59 Tank Raffle regardless of the region you have your account in!

  1. Follow @WG_eSports_EU on twitter.
  2. Simply tweet: “Just entered to win a Special Type 59 Tank Raffle. Follow @wg_esports_eu and retweet this”.


Place Your Bets

If you’re into gambling, this one is for you. In this case however, you don’t risk anything except a guess. Follow the below instructions, make your predictions and win amazing premium tanks from the above list!

  1. Go to the forum.
  2. Select the topic about the game you want to predict.
  3. Comment in the thread before the game starts following the below pattern:
  4. [Team name] vs [team name] - score X:X
    • Don’t forget to mention your region if you’re a non-EU player. In such a case, your entry will look like the one below.
    • [Team name] vs [team name] - score X:X NA
  5. The topic is pre-moderated so you won’t be able to change your vote or see any other posts.
  6. Only one entry per participant, per match, is allowed.
  7. After each game we will randomly pick up to five participants who correctly predicted the outcome and award them with premium tanks.
  8. If there is no correct prediction of the exact score in a given match, the winners of the giveaway will be picked randomly from all the participants of a given vote.


Bonus Code Bombing

We have so many codes we could carpet-bomb the event with them, but we will bomb you online instead! If you want to win a nice, tasty bonus code to top up your account with premium goodness, it’s fast and easy.

  1. Follow @WG_eSports_EU on twitter.
  2. Tweet to @WG_eSports_EU with the following information:
    • Your favourite moments from the WGL EU finals.
    • Your opinion about the event.
    • The best quote (from players, casters, hosts etc.).
    • Include the #WGLEU hashtag in your message.
  3. We’ll try to reply to as many tweets as possible. Receiving a reply does not mean you won, unless we explicitly inform you about your victory.
  4. Same goes for retweets.
  5. Bonus codes are valid only for accounts registered on the EU server.


The League of Memes

Do you enjoy memes?  If the answer is “yes”, then you’re in the right place! Win bonus codes and premium tanks for creating memes about the finals of the third season of the WGL EU!

  1. Visit the eSports section of the forum.
  2. Post your meme in the dedicated forum thread.
  3. Please keep in mind that the thread is pre-moderated. This means that you will not be able to see your post until we announce the winners.


Season 3 Art

Are you feeling like an artist? If you have skills and want to share them with the World of Tanks community, you’re in the right place! Did we mention that you can win premium tanks?

  1. Create a work of art related to the finals of the third season. You can go crazy on the form factor, everything is fair game as long as it does not violate any of the forum rules and regulations!
  2. Visit the eSports section of the forum.
  3. Post your art in the dedicated forum thread.
  4. Please keep in mind that the thread is pre-moderated. This means that you will not be able to see your post until we announce the winners.


General rules worth remembering while participating in any of the above contests:

  • Users are allowed to participate in any and all of the above giveaways/raffles/contests. However, participation is restricted to one account per person.
  • Users found using multiple accounts in order to increase their winning chances will be disqualified. If you are found to be cheating after the prize has been granted, it may be taken away from all of your accounts.
  • Please be aware that the prizes will not be given instantly. Wargaming Europe reserves itself a two week period for delivering the prizes to your respective accounts. Please do not be alarmed that the prizes do not appear on your accounts instantly. If you have won, you will receive the prize.
  • Our European eSports Team will gladly answer any of your questions regarding the above events. You can post your questions in the eSports section of the forum or on our official twitter @wg_esports_eu. If you require more direct help, please contact @berbo_wg.


Good luck and have fun!