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The World Cyber Games Grand Final Is Coming

World of Tanks has grown significantly in content and players during the last year. Last year World of Tanks was just a promotional title, but it had already attracted a lot of attention. The Grand Final of 2012 took place in China, just as it will this year. We were presented with a great show of skill and determination from the representatives of all World of Tanks servers.

Eventually, last year ended with Russia’s The RED: Rush team earning the gold medal. The silver medal was taken by the Chinese team, WaveKnight, and the bronze medal went to the American multigame powerhouse, Fulcrum Gaming.

Unfortunately none of the four European teams managed to work their way to the podium. This year, however, we hope it will end differently. An entire year of training and improving tactics, thousands of battles played in various tournaments and finally, we revealed the new European representatives! This year, the World Cyber Games will take place starting on November 28th and we hope that Europe’s representatives will give their best!

This season you will see mousesports representing Poland, Team CPC fighting for France, WUSA carrying the German flag and The Unit fighting for the Queen! All these teams will be representing Europe, as well as their own countries, in the fight for the World Cyber Games World Champion title!

Our teams will be fighting with the biggest and most hardcore gaming groups and teams from the entire world. Each country’s representatives have their own motivation, but everyone wants to win the cash and shiny gold medal! We wish the teams the best of luck and hope they’ll make us proud (and bring back the gold medal). As you can clearly see, there is absolutely no pressure!


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