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WASD Gaming Standoff

WASD Gaming
is one of the top Gold Series teams this season. Their regular trainings have been yielding amazing results, amongst others a recent narrow victory 12 January against Schoolbus, a very successful team in the Gold Series and winner of the recent Rumble in the West tournament. If you enjoy competitive gaming, you should really watch the recording of that match!

The team, then known under their former name CPLAY, also took part in the League Season 4 offline finals in Cologne, Germany, where they managed to beat almost all other Gold Series teams and claimed third place!

The Standoff is all about joining the Team Battles at the right time to encounter WASD Gaming in the steel. All you need to do is join the EU1 Server on Saturday 24 January starting from 19:00 CET. The team will be playing for several hours and you’ll be able to claim great gold prizes if you stand up to the task:

  • Regardless of the outcome of the encounter with WASD Gaming, every member of your team in the battle will receive 100.
  • For every member of the WASD Gaming team you manage to take down during the time of the battle, your team will be rewarded a total of 1,400, meaning every member of your team will receive 200 for every destroyed tank!
  • This gives you a total of 10,500 for your Team if you manage to destroy all the WGL Standoff Team members in an engagement!
  • You can receive the reward as many times as you encounter the WASD team. So even if you meet them once, jump back to the queue and keep your fingers crossed!

A few words from the team, about the team:

WASD Gaming (formerly CPLAY) is the team that qualified for season 4 by winning Go4WOT at the time captained by Ruster. We managed to qualify for the offlines after losing our first 5 games and winning the next 6. A lot of things have happened since S4, we split ways with our former captain and a few players and Dakillzor took up the role of in-game leading. The core is still here (Nervax, Dakillzor, Hacki, TheDeadZone). In S5, we are currently sitting on second in the overall standings. We are looking forward to face the community in the standoff but be warned. We will fight for every tank!