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Virtus.PRO Standoff

The League Standoff has entered its second weekend. Last Saturday you had the chance the exchange fire with Drooling Leprechauns. This week Virtus.PRO is rolling out to the EU1 Server, Saturday 17 January starting at 19:00 CET They will keep on playing for around three hours.

Turning your masterpieces of engineering into efficient tank-destroying machines is not an easy challenge. Especially when the bar is set as high as the Virtus.PRO level. The team managed to stay at the very top of the League Europe from the first season. They also put up a great fight at The Grand Finals in 2014, claiming 2nd place in the global event, with a great string of victories, only missing out during the final decisive game. 

You might ask yourself, why would you want to experience a potentially tank-wrecking encounter? There are many benefits to doing so!

  • Regardless of the outcome of the encounter with Virtus.PRO, every member of your team in the battle will receive 100.
  • For every member of the Virtus.PRO team you manage to take down during the time of the battle, your team will be rewarded a total of 1,400, meaning every member of your team will receive 200 for every destroyed tank!
  • This gives you a total of 10,500for your Team if you manage to destroy all the WGL Standoff Team members in an engagement!
  • You can receive the reward as many times as you encounter the VPRO team. So even if you meet them once, jump back to the queue and keep your fingers crossed!

A few words from the Team, about the Team:

The Virtus.PRO eSports project broke ground for the history of Russian professional gaming. The World of Tanks team transferred to the European server in the early months of 2013. From that moment, they became a dedicated, full-fledged part of the European community. Over the last two years, VPRO have been actively defended the honour of Europe multiple times.

Virtus.PRO - Dmitry "KycoK_Ov4arku" Kasatkin shared his thoughts about the event:

"We appreciate the European audience that supports us as much as the RU region did. You believe in us during tournaments, regardless if we win or lose. We are very pleased that we were given the chance to have fun with you during the WGL Standoff. You have the opportunity to take on a team that consistently finished in the "Top 2" for easy gold. =) Good Luck & Have Fun!"

If you’d like to know more about the team, feel free to watch their live stream during the event, or check out their social media channels. The stream will be run in English, with the Team Speak discussion between the players running in Russian. If you’re looking for some intelligence on their tactics used during the Team Battles, it’s time to polish your language skills!

This event will be streamed on our Twitch channel as well as KycoK_Ov4arku's own Twitch below:

Additional team information:

Team Members

Andrei ‘KOREETZ’ Casparov

Team Captain

Andrey ‘CROTTT’ Glushchenko

Team Member

Maksim ‘DELLIGHT’ Sinichkin

Team Member

Roman ‘POVEL’ Pavlenko

Team Member

Dmitry ‘KYCOK_OV4ARKU’ Kasatkin

Team Member

Victor ‘BISHOP’ Novohatski

Team Member

Ivan ‘VP_VORS1K’ Fokin

Team Member

Ivan ‘BREAK_NECK’ Fefelov

Team Member

Osipenko ‘JUSTCAUZ’ Sergey

Team Member

Sergey ‘DIVER233’ Pisotsky

Team Member

Aleksandr ‘ENTEX’ Sivkov

Team Member



 (website available in Russian only)

Social Media:


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