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The Top of the Ladder – Live Stream, 10 July

The recent end of the Team Battles season resulted in the Leaderboard being wiped clean of all data, giving everyone a fresh start. To celebrate the start of a new era in Team Battles, we’ve decided to take the top of the Team Battles Leaderboard and provide them with invites to a special, closed tournament.

This tournament will happen 10 July and will be streamed live in English, German and Polish!


The English experience will be brought to you by Sir_Havoc and MisterCro.







The German stream will be provided to you by Grumm3l.


The Polish coverage will be delivered by DevilVVoT and binio1.

  • Listen to his soothing voice live on the Stream.
  • And naturally, follow him on facebook.
  • Drop him some tweets.



Enjoy the show!