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The WGL Teams video productions

The League Season 2 finals are just behind us and it's time to vote for the best videos of the season! The Gold Series teams have been producing some quality content for your personal enjoyment during the previous months and if you have missed any of it, here is your chance to make things right! Make sure to watch all of it to cast a fair vote. 


You can cast your votes in four distinct categories.


Best educational WGL video/Series

Vote for the video that brought you the best gaming advice. The Gold Series Teams have all the game expertise and the knowledge you need to dominate the battlefield. Which video did the trick for you?   


Best entertaining WGL video/Series

Fun matters! It's not always about winning. What video did you enjoy the most? Who made you laugh? Who made you cry?


Best educational WGL stream/channel

If you could trust only one team to teach you all their secrets, which one would it be?


Best entertaining WGL stream/channel

Now you know all their tips and tricks. Good. But which team channel is the most fun? Who would you spend the day with? 



The teams with the most vote will be rewarded accordingly. Therefore, every vote matters!



Help us find the right winners!