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Gold Series Highlights – Stronk Siema

Our Gold series highlights will feature a detailed introduction of our Gold Series contenders, in order for you to get to know the players in greater detail. Today we meet Stronk Siema, one of the four Polish teams, and focus on three of their players. If you want to see more, watch them live tonight, 10 December, at 19:00.


Ahojekk, Team Leader

26 years old, from Poznań

62.5 % winrate, WN 2800

Ahojekk, the team leader, agreed to tell us more about the history of the team:

"Stronk was founded in 2013, as we felt the need to earn gold in the game. In our first tournament, “Złoto dla Zuchwałych”, we finished in the quarter finals, which granted us 1k gold per player. That was truly awesome for us at the time, considering we only had one usable setup of tanks! After a while we started having more versatile setups and getting better results in tournaments like the Go4WoT. After our first successes, we decided to try our strength in the Silver Series. Two seasons later, we were promoted to the Gold Series.”









23 years old, from Lublin

67.3 % winrate, WN 3000

“I started playing World of Tanks 4 years ago. As a beginner, I had a hard time placing in top battle scores, but the key to victory is to never give up and keep on increasing your gaming skills and performance.

My first real professional gaming experience happened when I joined the good old [PTS] Pirates clan. On the Global Map, and then in Company Battles, there was no real opponent that could beat us! At the moment, I'm playing with Clan FAME. Besides World of Tanks, I play sports, goof around with my friends and, if the weather allows it, I will go snowboarding this winter”








18 years old, from Knurów

69.9 % winrate, WN 3000

“When I started World of Tanks, about 2 years ago, I didn’t even realise there were any tournaments. After getting better and better, I received offers from some clans, and this is how I started. Now, as a Gold Series player, I try to find my weak points and eliminate them from my gameplay. I’m really happy to be in Stronk Siema - we have a great atmosphere. The team needs time to get going with the new format, but I really hope we can achieve some good wins this season.”


Meet the rest of the roster

Hunterz0rd 64.81 % winrate, WN 3250

Wilson91 61.5 % winrate, WN 2300

Kecz (CaatchMe) 67.3 % winrate, WN 2900

Hans, 64,6 % winrate, WN 2900

Lukasiasty, 60.9 % winrate, WN 2900

Gucio, 65 % winrate, WN 2400

Speed, 67 % winrate, WN 3300


Current Standings of the team

Stronk Siema currently finds itself in a very difficult situation in the League Season 2, having lost their first three rounds (0-5 against Wombats on Tanks, 3-5 against Oops, and 0-5 again against Synergy). As a result, they presently occupy the last place in the standings. They will have to find solutions in their next games if they want to avoid a relegation spot. More than ever, they need their fans' support.

Watch their next Matches live on the WGL EU channel

Versus Penta: 10 December at 19:00 CET.

Versus DING: 14 December at 20:30 CET.

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