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Season 2 Open Qualifier

The Wargaming League has just received confirmation from the Season 1 finalists Team Supreme that they will not be able to participate in Season 2, due to not having 50% of their roster from the past season. As a result, we now have an open slot to be filled in the Gold Series Season 2! In other words, your team suddenly has a chance to get in!

Because of the time constraint (Season 2 starts very soon), the Open Qualifier will be held in two days time, on 11 and 12 November. That means if you want in, you need to think fast!




As you already know, the new Season will include Tier X. It seems only fitting that the qualifiers should be played in the Season 2 format. Therefore, please note that this open qualifier will be played in 7/68


Good luck to all the teams and stay tuned for more information about WGL Season 2 very soon!