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The Gold Series Finalists of Season 2


The results of the online playoff phase are known...


...The teams who will compete on stage in Cologne on 20 February are Tornado Rox, Wombats on Tanks, Kazna Kru, and Ding!


Let's start this off by sending a heavy round of congratulations to Knäckebröd and Oops - the tough giraffes, for their incredible performance this season. For their first year in the Gold Series, both of these teams managed to climb into the top 6, dashing the hopes of some of the more established teams like Synergy or Penta. Their original strategies, their dedication and eagerness, combined with the format change, truly made the difference. Despite the good impressions that they gave everyone, they sadly fell short of getting to the on-stage finals in the end, but we are confident that they will be able to perform even better next Season!

The two qualified teams are therefore Kazna Kru and Ding! Both were solidly anchored at the top of the table for the larger part of the season. Their performance was so steady that their qualification for the finals is only half a surprise. Kazna Kru did have a rough patch towards the end of the season, but they managed to step it up in the online playoffs and earn their spot all the same. The players are thrilled to have qualified and will for sure bring a lot of value to the show on Saturday.

Wombats on tanks and Tornado Rox will probably be the favourites to win on 20 February. These ogres are where we expected them. They confirmed all their talent all the way through the regular season, sometimes leaving little hopes for the competition. What makes them so dominant? Simple things: they make fewer mistakes, know when to attack and when to play passively. Overall, they usually show a better grip on the battles, and dictate the terms of the engagements more often than not.

Be sure to watch the finals live on 20 February, to see what very high level World of Tanks looks like. The four challengers have mastered the game, and it will be pure pleasure to once again see them all on the stage! 



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