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The Season 2 Finals Live

Watch the Final Four teams of the League Season 2 battle for the title of European Champion!


Can you imagine the tension that comes when you're just clicks away from claiming - or losing - the trophy? From being the champion to being second best? Sometimes, when you are just seconds away from winning, you can feel your own heartbeat in your entire body. This is the most dangerous moment. In a game like World of Tanks, impatience can turn any seemingly certain victory into a bitter defeat. Moments like this are unforgettable. This is where dreams are achieved - this is when hopes are crushed...

...This is real eSports.



Time - CET*

Team 1


Team 2


13:10 - 14:50

Tornado ROX

5 : 0


Semi-final 1

Bo 9

15:10 - 16:50

Wombats on Tanks

5 : 4

Kazna Kru

Semi-final 2

Bo 9

17:10 - 19:10

Tornado ROX

2 : 7

Wombats on Tanks


Bo 13

19:10 CET : Winner Ceremony

* Please keep in mind that the times provided in the schedule are subject to change without notice, depending on the dynamics of the live event.