Watch Play Win Tournament - Playoffs

By respectively taking the 1st and 2nd place in the regular Season of the WGLEU, teams DiNG and Kazna Kru have already qualified for the Season Finals that will be held on 2 April in Katowice. Four other teams will clash this Sunday, 19 March, at 15:30 CET, to determine which of them deserve the remaining two slots. Can you guess who will make it? 

To celebrate the online playoffs, we are bringing a unique competition, in which each participant will endorse one of the teams in the playoffs, play in a 1v1 tournament, and earn rewards based on the result of the pros they choose to support. 

How does it work? Let us explain. 

First things first: take a look at the table at the bottom of this article to see the four playoffs teams. Predict which one of them will triumph. Once you have your mind set on a future winner, register to the tournament by selecting it on the registration page: 


The tournament starts at 11:00 CET on 19 March.

When creating a team, please make sure to select the team you believe will win. You may only select one potential winner:

Tournament rewards 

The detailed rewards can be found on the tournament page. If your team comes out ahead in the playoffs, your rewards will be significantly increased. If you win the tournament and guessed the correct winner, you will earn the AMX 13 57 GF. This is why it's important to back the right team from the beginning!  

You can follow the matches in real time on, from 15:30 CET on 19 March. Watch your team work their way up to the Season Finals!

The results of the playoffs will be updated in the table below: 

Time Team 1 


Team 2
15:30 CET  



7 - 1

17:40 CET*  



3 - 7

20:00 CET*  



2 - 5

*The exact times may vary due to the live dynamics of the event.  


What if I just want to watch? 

In this case, you may want to use your usual World of Tanks credentials to log in to and participate in the quests that are set up for you! By completing the quests, you automatically enter raffles that give you a chance to earn some pretty nice rewards throughout the day, such as premium tanks.  

What if I just want to play?

That's alright. Pick one of the four teams, play in the tournament, and let fate do the work for you! If the team you selected happens to win the playoffs, your rewards will be increased. 

What if I just want to win? 

Come on. To win something, you'll at least have to demonstrate your skill as a watcher, if not a player! Fear not, the bar for going home with a prize is really not that high. 




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