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QuickyBaby eSports Boot Camp Live Stream, December 17th

We would like to invite you to the QuickyBaby eSports Boot Camp Live Stream. One of the most famous European World of Tanks streamers, QuickyBaby, has joined forces with SPALE, the crazy Finnish eSports team.  This mix ensures that this stream will be fun!

The team will take QuickyBaby into their ranks for a long session of Team Battles. The stream will take place on 17th December from 19:00 CET (GMT+1). For a few hours you will be able to meet the team in battle and observe them as they bring the WGL combat level to the Team Battle battlefields.


If you’re interested in getting to know QuickyBaby a little more, we’ve managed to get him to answer a few questions for you!


Tell us something about yourself!

Hey guys, I'm QuickyBaby, an avid World of Tanks player whose goal is to keep you entertained and updated about everything World of Tanks related!
I livestream three to four times a week for several hours on and make humorous and educational videos on youtube daily!


Could you give our readers a few tips on how to pave their way to creating a successful streaming channel?

Firstly, get your hardware/software setup right! Would you want to watch a stream that lags all the time? 
Get a regular schedule so viewers know when to come back to watch you more!
Be honest to yourself and as calm and objective as possible, no one wants to watch someone raging (all the time)!
Be unique, the stream is YOURS! Use it to express yourself and you will find the right audience that will start to grow with you.


What do you think about the evolution of World of Tanks eSports?

Originally the competitive scene was 15 v 15 "Tier X" clan wars but now "Tier VIII" is the most important! It is funny how some things work out. 
I feel Wargaming are taking eSports in the right direction with the new 7/42 game mode. Now that eSports is accessible to every World of Tanks player, I expect the interest surrounding it to grow exponentially.
When the 7/42 game mode receives skill-based matchmaking it will be a legitimate alternative to the random game mode for the player who searches for a greater challenge.
I can't wait to see what Wargaming has in store for eSports. 2014 will be no doubt be a great year.


Is there anything you’d like to advise our WGL EU teams about in light of the upcoming Season 3 finals?

Most of those guys you are talking about are better players than me, maybe they can give me some tips.
I wish all of them the best of luck! All I can suggest is don't be afraid to be bold, do us Europeans proud and make the games as exciting as possible. I'll be watching.


Could you give any tips to people who want to join the eSports scene?

There are certain tanks you simply have to have:

  • IS-3
  • T-32
  • AMX 50 100
  • T-69
  • AMX 13 90
  • T1 Cunningham

Focus on getting as many of them as you can and practice in the new 7/42 game mode, you have nothing to lose! Focus on training your crew on skills in these tanks as they really, really help.
Learn all the maps like the back of your hand and start to understand what plays and counters there are for each situation. When you get beaten, don't be negative, learn from your mistakes.
Watch the Wargaming eSports streams so you can see what the pros do!

Is there anything more you’d like to share with the community?

I'd just like to give a big thank you to you all. World of Tanks has the best community I have had the pleasure to play with in any multiplayer game.
Thanks for the overwhelming support of my channels, you guys make it a pleasure to be so involved with this awesome game.


Enjoy the stream!