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Pro Production Highlights - WUSA

Sieesch, WUSA Team Representative: "Stefan_xD is currently the longest standing member of Team Wusa, as well as also serving as one of the shoutcallers for the Team in the WGLEU. Even amongst all the Pro-Players in the League, he is standing out due to his performances in the IS3."


You’ve already had the chance to see last week’s edition of the Pro Production Highlights dedicated to ROX. This week we take a look at WUSA with their World of Tanks, Object 416, game commentary.

The in-depth analysis of the game and explanation of every single decision made, shows the differences between an average random game participant and a pro-player. Watch and learn, young padawan. Become a pro who is able to mop the floor with the entire enemy team, and, instead of giving up, plots an epic comeback.

Enjoy the skilful deception and lightning quick reactions performed by this League Season I, 2015-2016 Gold Series team member!




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vetileiN, official WUSA streamer



That’s it for now from Team WUSA! Watch out for the next highlight coming out next week.