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Pro Production Highlight – Virtus.PRO


Virtus.PRO has been one of the top performers in the European League, since the entire competition kicked off. Their performance is regularly spot-on and very few opponents manage to even score single victories against them, not to mention win entire matches. The select few who have won against these European Bears needed months of training and preparation to complete the challenge.

Apart from being next-to-legendary players, they are also social beasts, reaching out to their fans via multiple social media channels. We’ll let them speak for themselves here, as they start to promote their new English YouTube channel, created just recently at the beginning of June 2015:

We’ve prepared out first official highlight of an official WGL match we played against Penta especially for you. If you have a moment, please leave a comment under the video. Tell us what you liked and what you want us to improve. Enjoy the show, press “like” and subscribe to our YouTube channel!  -KycoK_Ov4arku, Virtus.PRO Team Captain.



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Let’s keep our fingers crossed they hoard even more achievements on the EU server and the global ring.


Keep on roaring for Europe!