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Pro Production Highlight - PENTA

This edition of the Pro Production Highlight is dedicated to team PENTA Sports! This group of dedicated World of Tanks players managed to make it to the very top of the League and are currently fighting amongst other eSports titans for European domination.

The PENTA Sports Team Captain wanted to share a few words with you:

Hey Tankers, it’s Hacki from PENTA Sports.

We are playing for one of the biggest German eSports Organisations and have got Players from every part of Europe. It is our third Season in the WGL Europe. We claimed 3rd and 6th Place in previous iterations.

We changed some Players for this Season and are still getting to know each other. Due to the changes you will find us in the middle area of the Gold Series ladder. Our Team atmosphere is really good and I’m sure we will defeat our next opponents.

If you want to know more about our Team feel free to ask us. You can check out our Social media Pages where we will announce our new Content every time.”


Their schedules are very busy, but they do find the time to dedicate themselves to the community. We found their efforts really worth a few minutes of your time. Watch and learn what tank racing looks like!


In addition to the video, Hacki dropped a few more details as well as a shout out to their fans:

“Thanks to everyone who participated in our contest, to our fans and to our Sponsors which are supporting us all the time.

Players with Prizes

  1. H_0_N Tier 7 Su 122-44
  2. Dakaida99_ENVi Tier 6 Type 64
  3. _Playgirl 9 Days Premium
  4. reksik07 9 Days Premium
  5. MansteinB 9 Days Premium
  6. Pirostehen 3 Days Premium
  7. ARONKOZSAN 3 Days Premium
  8. Fullmaetaljacket 3 Days Premium
  9. WILL_CGF 3 Days Premium
  10. Danixek_CGF 3 Days Premium

Penta Sports wishes you success in World of Tanks and we hope we will see some of you on the battlefield.”


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Official Team Website




Team Sponsors



Get ready. Get set. GO! Vrooom!*

*That’s about as much engine noise onomatopoeias as we were allowed to put in a single news article without serious consequences.