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Pro Production Highlights - DiNG

Everyone has those moments when they take their Tier VI vehicle and end up being put in a random game at the bottom of the food chain. In Team Battles having a Tier VI is part of the normal gameplay as part of a possible setup in the 7/54 format. Very often the players put in Tier VI believe that they will have very little impact on the battle - that is just a myth and is proven wrong in this DiNG video presenting lower-tier participants in a new light.

DiNG Manager, Mr_Gordon_Freeman sheds some light on their team:

"Hello everyone, we are team DiNG. We are representing the whole of Europe as we have players from Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Bosnia, Finland, Great Britain, Ukraine and Russia. This summer we debuted in the Gold League - right now it’s not running perfect, but we are working to improve our game and we believe in our success.

More information about us can be found on our social media pages. We also started working on media content - we are new in this area, but we are doing our best to show you interesting videos and streams. We are hoping for your feedback about how to improve our videos.

Our team wishes you a lot of fun with our favourite game and cheer for DiNG!"

Learn to play like a boss using this invaluable feedback and watch the League Season I, 2015-2016 Gold Series teams rock those machines of mayhem!



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We DiNGed them!