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Guide to WGLEU Season 4

At Wargaming Europe we are doing our best to cater for your dedication and interest in eSports following the League Grand Finals. So far we’ve mainly been focusing only on the Gold Series and teams who play for big cash at the top of the ladder. The success of these teams couldn’t have been achieved without playing hundreds and thousands of battles in World of Tanks and we’re aware that you may also want to give it a try. Now is your chance!

The system of qualifying your team for the WGLEU is subject to constant improvements and tweaks. This is why, as Season 4 is starting, we’ve created a WGLEU S4 guide for you, to help clarify where you stand and what your options for progression are.

Keep in mind important changes have come to the WGLEU, as well as to external tournaments associated with it – the A-Series and Go4WoT in particular. If you’re participating in either of these two, please take the time to read the full version of the news carefully.

Below you can see the infographic explaining the basics of the new tournament dynamic.


If you want to pick up some additional skills and moves, take a look at the live streams from the Gold Series taking place every Monday and Thursday evening, from 19:00 CEST, until around 22:30 CEST.


Enjoy them and see you in the WGLEU!