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The Grand Finals 2016: Natus Vincere takes the win

As it turns out, the first match of The Grand Finals 2016 on April 8 would be repeated in the final match one day later: Na’Vi took down Hellraisers 7-6 at the end of an incredible series!

To say that the final battle was close is an understatement. The tie-breaker was insane. It ended in the most dramatic manner:

After an all-out battle, three players were left on the map. Applewow and Grifon for Hellraisers, Inspirer for Na’vi. In this two on one situation, it really looked like Hellraisers would be able to seal the deal. That is, until the unexpected happened: Applewow, coming down from an elevated position, got stuck on a cliff, leaving his grievously damaged team mate alone to face their remaining enemy! When Inspirer finally took down Grifon after a tense session of hide and seek, there was nothing Applewow could do except wait, while Inspirer rolled away with a smile on his face! A Breathtaking finish.


Watch the final match: Na'Vi vs Hellraisers!



With this result, Na’Vi takes home the trophy and the hefty sum of 150,000$. The rest of the prize pool is divided as follows:

75,000$ to Hellraisers for second place.

35,000$ to Wombats on Tanks for third place.

20,000$ to Not So Serious.

5,000$ to Tornado.Rox, YaTo, SIMP and Kazna Kru.


The League extends its most heartfelt congratulations to the winners, and to all the participants!


Stay tuned for more photos and videos of the event!




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