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The Grand Finals 2016: the complete event guide

The temperature is rising fast in Warsaw! The latest news reports indicate that the 12 best teams on Earth are currently heading to Torwar Hall for the World of Tanks competition of the year: The Grand Finals 2016. With everybody set for the tournament, and every team having the potential to take ultimate victory, we are going to witness an event of legendary proportions.


The scores will be updated in real time on The Grand Finals portal.


Where? Torwar hall, Łazienkowska 6, Warsaw, Poland.

When? On 8 and 9 April. The doors will open for the public at 10:00 CEST. If you are the happy owner of a premium ticket, you can arrive at 9:00 CEST. The games will start at 12:00 CEST.

Entrance is completely free on both days - you can come in at any time. To avoid a long queue we recommand arriving early.


All the matches will be played one after the other, on both stages, with minimal break time. For this reason, please keep in mind that all the times above are estimations based on the standard duration of a match (1h24m on average) and a transition time of 15 minutes.


Is it going to be the greatest World of Tanks event of all time?

All signs point to "Yes, absolutely"!



On-site activities

  • Play World of Tanks and World of Warships on 28 game stations provided by Komputronik.
  • Take a master class in World of Tanks with professional players from Polish teams - Vale & RagingTomato (Penta), FuSsyEater (Oops) & Papapawian (Utopia) - or for the first time ever, experience it in virtual reality! Thanks to  Fibrum's streaming software solution it’ll be possible to fly over the field and get the best view of the battle you could imagine! Jump into the heart of the action!
  • Try out the PlayStation 4 version of World of Tanks!
  • Have you ever seen a real Sherman tank, or a T-34-85?
  • Participate in various contests and giveaways!
  • Experience the intensity of the event in person, including a World of Warships showmatch!


Online activities

If you opt to enjoy the show from the comfort of your home, then there will still be plenty of opportunies for you to take part in the action too! With online contests, giveaways, and other endless prize-yielding activities on social media, chances are good that you will not be left without a goodie or two to grab!

You are already invited to share your experience, cheer for your team, and give us your predictions throughout the event on Facebook and Twitter! Use #TheGrandFinals and #WatchPlayWin to tell us about your experience of The Grand Finals 2016, and don't forget to show us your creations from the portal contests!

Everything will be displayed in real time at the venue!

Available Livestreams:

If you would rather enjoy the event in a different language, the following channels will also be available:



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See you at The Grand Finals and on social media!